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Myanmar Super Winners Co.,Ltd (MSW)

Founded by veterans, Myanmar Super Winners (MSW) is an established supplier covering a wide range of electrical installation and LT switchboards components & accessories in support of manufacturers and traders in the local market. The company is fast growing committed in providing the best value for our customers through competitive products pricing, an emphasis on customer service and personalized support to meet multiple application pending both domestically and internationally. Besides the strong wide range products to support businesses for panel’s manufacturers and users, we also have special qualified technical staff to assist our customers in any matters that required technical consultancy and application solution. Our aim is to provide the best delivery lead time, quality and reliability products to our customers. Thus certain our core values as integrity, quality, reliability and delivery on time. We introduce following products to our valued customers:-

(1) ELV / Network/ Data & Communication cables.

  • Cat5e
  • Cat6
  • RG6, RG11
  • UL2464 Control Cables
  • FR speaker cables
  • Krone Brass plating & Accessories

(3) LT Switchboard Components & Accessories

  • For Monitoring System
  • Multifunction meter
  • Ammeter
  • Volt meter
  • Frequency meter
  • KiloWatt meter
  • Power Factor meter
  • Combine Amp, Volt, Frequency meter
  • Digital Multi Full Function meter c/w RS485
  • Hour Run Meter
  • Measurement CT (MCT)
  • Indicating Light
  • Amp and Volt Selector Switch

For Control

  • Latch relays
  • Selector switches
  • Push Buttons
  • Timers / Time switches
  • DC converters
  • Floatless Level relays
  • Electrode & accessories
  • For Starter
  • Variable Frequency Drive
  • For others components
  • Line Tap for tap off unit (TOU)
  • Branching Connectors
  • Terminal blocks
  • Comb Busbar
  • Fan
  • Panel Heater
  • Thermostat
  • Neutral Link
  • Neutral Bar
  • Earth bar
  • PVC Sheets
  • Fiber Sheets
  • Engraving Sheets
  • Heat Shrink
  • Industrial Sockets

(2) Electrical Installations

  • Cable lugs
  • Photo cell for lighting
  • Motion Sensor
  • Cable End Cap

For Protection System

  • Overcurrent & Earth Fault Rely
  • Earth Fault Relay
  • Earth Leakage Relay c/w ZCT
  • Fuses & Fuse Holders
  • Protection CT (PCT)
  • For Power Factor Improvement
  • Capacitor bank
  • Capacitor Contactor & Auxilary
  • Power Factor controller

For others Accessories

  • Panel door liners
  • Panel door hinges
  • Panel door locks
  • Busbar support
  • PVC trunking (slotted cable duct)
  • Panel / Trunking screws
  • M6 Cage and Nut
  • Rubber Gromat
  • MCCB / MCB hole covers
  • Super Glue for door liner

Contact Us

Phone : 095173706 , 09250933286 , 09777399839

Email : [email protected]



Cable Trunking
Cable Trunking
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Cable Tray



ACMV System Panels, Kyauk Se, Mandalay
ACMV System Panels, Kyauk Se, Mandalay
11kV Line Cable Installation, Dhamma Vibhajja, International Meditation Center, Yangon
11kV Line Cable Installation, Dhamma Vibhajja, International Meditation Center, Yangon
33kV Line Cable Installation, Hmaw Bi, Yangon
33kV Line Cable Installation, Hmaw Bi, Yangon